21-Day Belly Blast

If you are joining us for LG Boot Camp On February 25th you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in the The 21-Day Belly Blast!

My program maps out everything and is designed to help you to lose belly fat by teaching you simple and easy-to-follow healthy habits. 80-85% of reducing belly fat comes from what we eat; the rest comes from your exercise program. My challenge provides solutions for both.

As a fitness and total heath advocate, I am cautious with any “diet” program. Yes, this is a diet. The program was written by respected and qualified colleagues, and is designed to teach you how to eat well most of the time. It’s not a quick fix; it’s the start to a healthy lifestyle. I have modified certain aspects and have added recipes and options. We will be doing this together, and I will be available to help you every step of the way!

21-Day Belly Blast

February 25th – March 22nd

Monday Wednesday Friday

6 AM & 9 AM

4 Week Session: $180 (includes nutritional program)

Drop-in: $20 (Special attention to core and abdominal strength)

My program includes:

21-Day Belly Blast Starter Guide

Goal Sheet

3-Week Diet


Grocery List


Photos & Measurements

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