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Dear Friends,

What a great morning, waking up to rain. I just heard it’s snowing in the Santa Cruz mountains! Happy Super Bowl Sunday and Groundhog Day! I won’t predict the winner (I’m obviously not very good at that), and if it means our much more needed rain, bring on the six more weeks of winter. Some of my favorite workouts have been in the pouring rain.

I am super pumped for the 5-Day Fat Flush Challenge and our upcoming challenge is filled to capacity! Claire and I have been talking and making preparations every day, and it’s been a blast. We are looking forward to providing fun and future challenges!

LG Boot Camp starts our next session on Monday! The last 4-Week session flew buy. In consideration of our local schools’ Winter Break, I am offering an option for a 3-Week session. Thank you for your feedback. We WILL have boot camp during the February Winter Break!

Dates: February 3rd – February 28th
$180 for 4-weeks or $135 for 3-weeks
Los Gatos Lodge (coverage or inside if it’s pouring)

I talk a lot about the benefit of interval training during sessions. One of my friends sent me an excellent graphic that says it all! I love when you send me what you are learning or share anything about your fitness journey.


Dinner This Week:

Cod Fillets with Vegetables – Eating Well


For 4 people:

4 pieces of cod, the back is the best

3 leeks Mace flower

1 carrot

Germinated leek seeds (those found in some Asian grocery stores, Metro, and organic grocery stores…)

Salt and pepper

Referred to as the “flower of nutmeg,” mace is the lacy covering of the nutmeg seed, and has a more aromatic and bitter flavor than nutmeg. They are ideal to complement the meat dishes and fish with a twist .


Wash the leeks thoroughly and slice into rings, fry in a pan with a little olive oil, add some mace flower and cook covered. Season according to your taste. Cut the carrot in half and steam cook for a few minutes, you can also just put them on top of leeks in the pan. Then cut them into thin strips. Cook the cod fillet blocks on two sides in the pan with a dash of olive oil and season. You can steam it if you prefer. Plate the dish. Arrange the leeks on the plate. Put a few strips of carrot to give color and place a piece of cod on the vegetables. Top with leek sprouts. A dash of reduced balsamic vinegar gives the final touch to this dish. Tip The reduced balsamic vinegar is obtained by leaving balsamic vinegar on low heat for a long time until getting syrupy.

Much love,


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