**Back on Track** **Slow Cooked Pull Apart Chicken**

Dear Friends,

An early morning run a few days ago on the beach with my daughter was just right! We started out nice and slow and maintained an easy pace for a beautiful run. We are both getting back on track with our endurance training, and we both realize it’s better to train smart. Fast and furious isn’t always the key to success. Slow progression and knowing when to push it is generally best, and is always best for me. It’s also a lot more fun! Together is better and a good conversation is guaranteed.

I’m feeling refreshed after a perfect vacation. I hope to see you tomorrow!!

Custom Fit Boot Camp is back and raring to go! New workouts, fresh nutritional guidelines and new challenges! Fun friendships and a great way to begin living a healthy lifestyle, get back in shape or improve your fitness level for your athletic pursuits. You will feel better and get stronger! You will see results!!

This season we will be bringing back our 6:00AM class every Tuesday and Thursday.

7:00AM class will meet on Monday.

9:00AM class will meet every day, Monday through Friday.

For more details or questions email me at lori@coutureconditioning.com or call me at 408-455-2570.

What’s for Dinner:

Thank you Shen for this recipe!

Slow Cooked Pull Apart Chicken

This is when fast is always good for me. I love a recipe that is easy to prepare, quick to prep, nutritious and delicious! “Fast Food” can be good for you!


2 or 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 tub of organic salsa (or a little more if preferred)

1/4 cup low sodium chicken broth

Set on high for 4 hours, or low heat for 8 hours. Serve on greens or brown rice. Top with fresh avocado.

Have a wonderful week!

Much love,


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