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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! After a wonderful and fun filled month, it’s good to back. I am grateful for so much and anticipate the best year ever in 2014. I look forward to writing to you weekly, sharing fitness tips and recipes.

What’s new in 2014? Here are just a few of the Couture Conditioning opportunities I am excited about!

1. LG Boot Camp begins tomorrow with a new format. Sessions will run continuously every 4-weeks (with an occasional 2-week session). We will no longer have the week breaks in-between sessions. Thank you for your feedback on this. Hope to see you MWF @ 6AM & 9AM at the Los Gatos Lodge. www.lgbootcamp.com

2. For current private and boot camp clients I will be adding you to a private email group. If you prefer Facebook, I can create a FB group as well. Let me know which you prefer. For the entire year I will share the following every week:

Monday’s: A Weekly Challenge
Tuesday’s: Inspiration
Wednesday’s: A New Recipe
Friday’s: Weekend Warrior Workout

3. Goal setting strategies. As a group, I want to encourage and support goal setting. Our first group event will be the Go Green Saint Patrick’s Day race in Vasona Park on Sunday, March 16th. It’s a perfect event for all levels of walkers and runners. Distance options are 5K, 10K and Half Marathon. I will provide you with a free personalized training calendar and support. Additional details to follow!

Food for Thought:

Spicy, Crispy Kale Chips

Eat Kale! Erin loves kale, so while she was home I made sure we always had plenty in the fridge. My goal this week is to eat kale everyday like she does!

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